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Fall Winter 14-15
Fall Winter 14-15
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Minidress in glossy-wool, with long sleeves, open back

Yadira Capote Thondike was born  in Havana, Cuba and grew up in a family with a strong seamstress tradition.

Since a young age she’s got an irresistible passion for the fashion, which brings her to her actual vocation of creating the made-to-measure garments.

In 2008 she moves to Switzerland, working for High Fashion Atelier in Lugano, designing and creating exclusive dresses.

In Milan, Italy, Yadira follows formal studies as Fashion Stylist and graduates with honors in 2011 winning the school prize for creativity and haute couture.

In 2013 she create the first collection ‘Helyades’ for spring-summer 2014.



Every dress is a timeless masterpiece like a person who wears it


In the Maison Yadira Capote Thondike the Haute Couture concept is interpreted as perfect union of Italian designers art and craftsmanship and typically Swiss precision and reliability.
In our atelier we make use only of the best handmade Italian fabrics, finest silks, precious avant-garde materials, and guarantees the high quality of each piece.
Personalized made-to-measure tailoring is one of the strong points of the Atelier: extremely exclusive service that combines all the client’s requests with the artist’s unique creativity.
Distinguishing style where each element of the entire piece is located in such a way to underline its peculiarity and character, from an original zipper to each even smallest detail, carefully inserted to enhance the finished creation.
Innovation is another fundamental value of the Maison: the constant research and experimentation with new fabrics, materials and shapes, using always high quality products, allow to create stunning and unique pieces, in which tradition and evolution go together in perfect harmony.

The woman praised by the Maison is emancipated modern and combative, elegant, charming, self-confident and intriguing.

In Yadira’s philosophy, Haute Couture goes far beyond design of a unique creations: for her it is a process the final creation of which is a work of art, defined not only by the artist’s inspiration, but also by the high quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship that follows the entire process step by step.

The strong points  of our creations are exclusivity and high quality of the materials, particular attention to every single stitch and detail. At the end of long and elaborate process of creating of one of her garments – in some cases up to 600 hours from the first sketch till the finishing tailor work – the final result is almost always a masterpiece, the merge of refined fabrics and details, sophisticated artistic inspiration and of course a part of the artist’s soul.

New collection Fall Winter 14-15
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